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Recharging a dying province

Nova Scotia is starting to feel like a dying province. It has long been a have-not province, well before the federal government introduced equalization payments in 1957. Equalization was a way to even out the country, redistributing wealth from the richer provinces to the poorer ones.

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Mental illness doesn't discriminate. Neither should you.

“You don’t look like someone who has a mental illness.” Do you remember that class in high school about mental health that everyone had to take? Neither do I. Can you think of a movie or show where a character with mental illness is a killer, drug addict, or came from an abusive home? I can think of many.

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Toronto's growing food insecurity crisis

Six years ago this spring, I was challenged by low-income people in my community to live for one week on a “food bank diet” to better understand the stress experienced by so many on social assistance who have to make the choice between food and rent each month. The affect on me and my family was profound.

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How to tell when statistics are bullshit

In this world of competing and confusing numbers, More or Less, a statistics show hosted by Tim Harford, is a small oasis of mathematical rigor in a sea of endless numerical bullshit. Here's a good example of what they do well. Recently they looked at the issue of shared parental leave.

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How much debt do you currently owe?