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2015 Federal Election resources campaign

So you may have heard that there's an election coming up. It’s not a rumour, there’s going to be a federal election this year. We’ll let you know once it gets called, but for now it’s about getting informed. If you’ve ever opted out of voting because you didn’t know how to vote, what ID to bring, or whether you were registered, this one’s for you.

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Montreal cops sign landmark agreement to improve relations with Aboriginal community

Members of Montreal's Aboriginal community hope a new agreement with the Montreal police will help reshape their relationship with the city's cops. The agreement commits the Montreal police to develop new practices to better serve the Aboriginal community, as well as a protocol for addressing missing and murdered indigenous women.

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Stephen Harper's record on democracy

Harper’s Fair Elections Act, Bill C-23, allows the ruling party to control who gets hired as an election poll supervisor. Much like a restaurant owner keeping his health inspector chained in his basement with a crate of bottled water and a box set of LOST, this is kinda creepy.

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This badass woman took down the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House

Bree Newsome, a filmmaker, musician, and activist from North Carolina, arrived at the State House in Columbia, South Carolina, equipped with climbing gear. She then proceeded to scale the 30-foot flagpole on the State House lawn and remove the Confederate flag.

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What is your outlook on the Canadian economy right now?