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Most Powerful Hashtag Campaigns of 2014

As 2015 comes closer, we’re taking a look at some important moments in 2014. Throughout the year, we’ve seen people step up and take a stand on social media during times of crisis. These hashtag campaigns became a powerful way for people to express themselves, join together, and share their lived experiences.

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Stephen Harper's New and Foul Assault on the Justice System

Well I guess Stephen Harper wasn't kidding. If the courts wouldn't kneel before him, he would debase them into submission. Not by simply soiling himself. But by soiling the entire justice system as only he could. By among other foul things, appointing an Ontario judge who clearly doesn't believe in the equality of gay Canadians.

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Let's Go after the Real Tax Cheats

The Canada Revenue Agency has picked a fight with the wrong guy. Arne Sorbo is an unlikely, but very real tax hero. His story is one of an ailing but feisty B.C. senior pushing back against the unfair, disrespectful, and ineffective practices of the Canada Revenue Agency. It has struck a chord with Canadians across the country.

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Leaked Details for New Corporate Deal That Would Undermine Regulations Around World

According to a leaked draft, the terms of a trade deal on services involving the United States, European Union, Canada, Japan, and over two dozen other countries could make it practically impossible for governments to regulate certain foreign companies. The Trade In Services Agreement could also hinder consumer protections online.

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A new poll has found that 45 percent of Canadians think the Harper Government is doing a poor job of governing the country. Do you share this view?