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The Fast Food Strikes Have Been a Stunning Success

For the seventh time in nearly two years, fast food workers around the U.S. walked out of their restaurants last week to demand a pay raise to $15 per hour and the right to unionize. In New York City, 21 workers were arrested for sitting in the middle of the street outside the McDonald’s in Times Square. Organizers said more than 50 protesters were arrested for similar acts of civil disobedience in Detroit.

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The Greenhouse Gas Bulletin Is Out & It’s Not Good

People don’t always think about climate change because it doesn’t feel in-our-face like some other issues, but it’s important that we act. The World Meteorological Organization has released its annual Greenhouse Gas Bulletin, and it’s not good. “We know without any doubt that our climate is changing and our weather is becoming more extreme due to human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels,” says Michel Jarraud.

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Three Decades of Struggle Between Ontario and its Universities

This year in Ontario, the government will send $8 billion to its colleges and universities to educate students, thus continuing the "push-me-pull-you" relationship between the funder and post-secondary institutions. The colleges and universities are independent entities that make their own decisions. But the government answers to citizens who pay taxes and want to know that they're getting value for their tax dollars.

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Europe's Austerity Policies Continue to Have Negative Impact

Six years after the economic crisis began, austerity policies are roiling France. President Hollande recently purged his cabinet of three ministers who disagreed with his severe approach to government spending. “Austerity advocates argue that Europe's economies are flagging because they spend more than they should, (but) the causes of the financial crisis have nothing to do with spending,” says Sameer Dossani.

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How would you describe the NFL's handling of the Ray Rice assault case?