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Helping girls worldwide requires a united stand

Birthdays are a time to move forward. We look back with gratitude on what has passed and decide that this year we will be even stronger. I have already lived what many people might say is a lifetime. I was 11 when I started speaking out against the Taliban and for my right to go to school. I was 12 when I had to leave my home in Pakistan as terrorism raged in my city.

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From Minimum Wage to Minimum Program

It is no surprise in this age of deteriorating working conditions and poverty wages, of precarious work and growing recourse to temporary foreign labour, of spiraling inequality and obscene executive compensation, that organized labour and social movements across North America are pressing for an increase in the minimum wage.

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New Environmentalists Taking Bold Action and It’s Working

No longer dominated by the traditional Big Green groups that were taking big donations from corporate polluters, the new environmental movement is broader, more assertive, and more creative. With extreme energy extraction and climate change bearing down on the world, environmental justice advocates are taking bold action to create new solutions for the planet.

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The Shrimp You're Eating May Have Been Produced By Slave Labour

The Guardian newspaper recently revealed shocking results from a six-month investigation of the Thai fishing industry: much of the shrimp sold in American and British supermarkets are produced with slave labour. While shrimp sold to U.S. consumers hail from a number of different countries, Thailand is the world’s biggest shrimp supplier.

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Are Canada's universities more concerned with churning out compliant workers and attracting corporate research funding than providing students with a high quality, well-rounded education?