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Walmart Prices Would Rise By Pennies If It Paid Workers More Than Poverty Wages

Walmart prices would go up by mere pennies if the company were to pay all of its workers enough to live above the poverty line, according to an analysis by Marketplace and Slate. In a video, they explain that raising Walmart employees' wages to a point where they wouldn’t need government assistance anymore would only increase the retailer's prices by about 1.4 percent.

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Canada Can't Afford to Cut Funding From the CBC

CBC has officially announced that they must cut $130 million from their budget this year and will "eliminate 657 jobs over the next two years." It's likely that some Canadians may be rejoicing at the news, but I am certainly not one of them. While I recognize the need for our public broadcasting system to re-assess its role and its services in these lean times, what it should come down to is a sense of prioritizing what matters most to us as citizens.

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Tackling food waste, one big picnic at a time

The first day of April was hot, bright and sunny in Brussels: a pleasant surprise for a city with a grey reputation and for a month known for its light showers. But last Tuesday was unusual in one other respect. Around lunchtime, more than 6,000 meals were served to city workers, inhabitants and tourists – completely free of charge. The event was one of several that have taken place in cities over the world during the last five years, organized by the Feeding the 5000 campaign and selected partners.

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10 Ideas for Fostering Innovation in Education

With a debt to any conversation I've had with my colleagues and students about this issue at Ursula Franklin Academy and beyond, and, of course, to the views of Ursula herself, I present "10 Steps That The Ontario Government Should Follow To Foster Innovation In Education That Will Actually Work."

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Have you changed all of your passwords in response to the Heartbleed security bug?