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The labour movement and the housing crisis: long-separated struggles

“I am a working class person, not making millions,” said Martin Fernandez, a former resident of a Burnaby apartment building set for demoviction, talking about his new apartment. “Paying that much, there is not much left in my bank account or my pockets, so I have to restrain my kids from buying things that they like.”

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Mordor comparison stirs tempest in the oil sands

How do you solve a climate problem like the oil sands, mired as it is in a tug-of-war between a powerful oil industry, First Nations, and environmental groups? If you’re Rachel Notley’s Alberta government, you assemble an 18-member Oil Sands Advisory Working Group with representatives from all sides. If you’re a neo-con, you flip out.

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Do young people care about gentrification?

Like most young people, I'm perpetually broke. Thanks to a crushing mountain of debt, I moved to a cheaper neighbourhood. In the short time I've been here the area has become "hipper" and the condo developers have taken notice. It's now at a point where beautiful and expensive micro-lofts are being built in the shittiest parts of town.

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Fashawn worriedly wonders 'what's the worth of a black life?'

“Somebody, anybody, what’s the worth of a black life? Or even a brown one?” Fashawn asks on the opening verse of his new song, “Mother AmeriKKKa,” released in the wake of the killings by police of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, as well as the Black Lives Matter movement that has grown as a response to similar recent incidents.

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Do you invest any of your residual income?