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Canada: The land of jobless immigrants

Welcome to Canada: we lied about the opportunities. That is the realistic undertone to the new immigration policy announcement by Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, which declared that Canada aims to welcome 285,000 new permanent residents next year. The last time Canada admitted as many as 280,000 permanent residents was in 2010.

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What the U.S. – China Climate Deal Means for the Tar Sands

The recent climate deal between the United States and China is a historic moment. It's not enough to match the scale of the climate crisis, but its implications for extreme energy projects like Canada's Tar Sands are major. Here are five reasons why.

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At What Cost? The Impacts of Rushing to Balance the Budget

While undermining Canada's economic recovery, the Harper government's austerity measures have also impacted federally delivered services, with the biggest cuts made in areas where Canadians most heavily rely on the federal government, a new CCPA study finds.

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As TPP Trade Talks Miss Third Deadline, Opponents Claim Momentum

For the third year in a row, government negotiators for 12 Pacific Rim countries have missed an internal deadline to reach agreement on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). And though negotiators for the accord say the process is nearing completion, critics of the deal are expressing optimism that both public opinion and political timing are increasingly against the deal.

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The Harper Government's decision to spend $3.2 billion on tax cuts for businesses, families, and wealthy Canadians is...