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How Labour Unions Make Us Healthier

Unequal societies are sick societies, and today's Canada is falling deeper than ever into the fever dreams and night sweats generated by growing inequality, recent research from the Broadbent Institute suggests. The Institute has published "Haves and Have Nots," a study of wealth inequality in Canada, which shows that in 2012 the wealthiest 10 per cent of Canadians controlled nearly half of the nation's wealth, while the least wealthy owned less than six per cent.

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Municipal Vote Thoughts: Don’t Promise to Run a City Like a Business!

A City is NOT a business. Period. The people who use the ‘I’ll run it like a business’ mantra have run too many businesses – probably into the ground or not in Canada – to understand and appreciate that not everyone thinks and acts like a 'businessperson.' It’s true – there are bureaucrats. These pockets of people who make our governments work have acquired such a negative tone as a result of decades of right-wing politicians and lobbyists attacking them.

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How Bolivia is leading the global fight against climate disaster

Although Bolivia’s “process of change,” its “democratic and cultural revolution” as García Linera terms it, is still in its early stages, the country’s developmental process has already attracted considerable interest — and some controversy — internationally, not least because of its government’s role as a leading critic of global climate change, which it forthrightly attributes to the effects and the logic inherent to the capitalist mode of production.

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On the digital colonization of human experience

The Spanish colonization of Mesoamerica was essentially a process of symbolic and cultural submission. The “superiority” of the colonizers lay on the operational effectiveness of their technical production. The colonization destroyed the cultural environment in which indigenous communities had been living for centuries: the alphabetic technology, the power of the written word overwhelmed, jeopardized and finally superseded the indigenous cultures.

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