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Why young workers should celebrate the CPP changes

Retirement might be 30 or 40 years away, but you should still be happy with the new agreement to improve Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits. Why? Because the Canadian pension system is built on an out-of-date model that, in its current state, will not be able to support our generation when we retire.

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Standing on backs of global poor, filthy rich getting even richer

The wealth gap keeps growing as the world's richest get richer at the expense of the poor, according to a new study by an alliance of major organizations. The World Wealth Report found that while the total number of millionaires in the world jumped to 15.4 million, more than 702 million people remain in poverty around the globe.

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South Australia’s renewable energy progress sets an example for the world

First-time visitors to Australia are often drawn to the big city attractions of Sydney and Melbourne or the fabulous beaches of Queensland’s Gold Coast. I’ve always had a soft spot for Adelaide in South Australia; a city built more on a human scale, where downtown can be easily navigated on bike, foot or tram.

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The burden of digital existence

Many modern couples do their own Sartre-and-Beauvoir routines. But it’s caffeine instead of nicotine, keystrokes instead of pen scratches. More to the point, it’s often not work per se but inbox management, social-media chatter, web surfing — digital distractions that fling our minds to online realms full of strangers.

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Would you benefit from a $15 minimum wage?