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Really, Ford?

Written by Think Forward Staff
Friday, 07 December 2012

Last week the Ontario Superior Court ruled that Toronto mayor Rob Ford violated the province's Municipal Conflict of Interest Act when he spoke on and voted for cancelling a city council decision that ordered him to repay $3,150 in donations to his charity football foundation.

Removal from office is the price for breaking the Act, so Ford won't be mayor if his appeal of the ruling fails. To which Torontonians are now saying, "Really!?!"

Really, Rob Ford? You came to power on a promise to "stop the gravy train" of wasteful spending and government perks at city hall, and then used city staff, time, and resources to manage and solicit money for your private charity? I mean, really!

The mayor is blaming his downfall on "the left wing (who) wants me out of here and (who will) do anything in their power" to achieve that goal.

Really, Ford? Because it couldn't have anything to do with you ignoring the city integrity commissioner's request to separate your council business from your private fundraising, or shrugging off the councillor who reminded you not to vote on a matter in which you had a financial interest. I mean, really!

And what message are you sending to citizens by saying that you'll run in a by-election if you lose your appeal? That, no matter how corrupt or buffoonish you are, voters should still re-elect you? I mean, really. That’s like Korilla BBQ asking to come back to the Great Food Truck Race after getting booted for cheating. Really!

Really, Rob Ford? You actually think you deserve to lead Canada's largest city after flipping off a mom and her daughter, chasing a reporter and threatening to beat him, and ripping off taxpayers to advance your own private cause? Mel Lastman avoided doing all of those things, and he was a crazy furniture salesman. No, really!

If Torontonians get another chance to vote for mayor in the new year, Ford's re-election campaign will probably be as successful as Crystal Pepsi. No, really. And what campaign slogan does the mayor plan to run on? Stop the integrity train? Malfeasance you can count on? I mean really! Someone needs to tell Rob Ford to stop making the Big Smoke look like a big joke, and just pack it in for good. Really!  

With apologies to Seth Myers



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