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Where will the Conservative Scandal Wheel land next?

Written by Think Forward Staff
Friday, 31 May 2013

Each passing day reveals a new scandal from Canada's right-wing governments, politicians, and political parties, exposing the hypocrisy of conservative promises to "clean up" government and leaving Canadians to wonder what the next conservative controversy will be.  

Stephen Harper's former Chief of Staff has resigned after giving $90,000 to a Conservative senator who wrongfully claimed thousands of dollars in expenses, and who reportedly asked to be a named a minister in order to get a car, staff, and other cabinet perks. A Federal Court judge has ruled that widespread electoral fraud took place in the 2011 Federal Election - when the Harperites formed a majority government - and the people involved had access to the Conservative Party's voter database. Then there's the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency's hiring of Kevin MacAdam, a former aide to Defence Minister Peter MacKay, which MacKay's office tried to cover up amidst allegations of patronage. All of this from the party that promised to bring greater accountability to government when it was first elected in 2006.

In Toronto, Harper ally and conservative Mayor Rob Ford has lost six of his staff members following reports that he has been videotaped smoking crack cocaine with drug dealers who are now involved in a murder investigation.  

And finally, the Ontario Progressive Conservatives and Alberta's Wildrose Party are being fined by the CRTC for using automated polling phone calls that neglected to identify the pollster in recent provincial elections. The calls were administered by RackNine, the same company used by “Pierre Poutine” for Conservative robo-calls that attempted to mislead voters in the 2011 federal election.

It's clear that both the Harper Conservatives and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford have lost the moral authority to govern, and voters will no doubt be wondering if they can trust the Ontario PCs and the Wildrose Party to avoid similar skullduggery should either party form a government.



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