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2015 Federal Election: How do I vote in this election?

Written by Think Forward Staff
Thursday, 17 September 2015

So you've decided that you want to vote in the federal election and you may already know which party you want to vote for, but you don't know where, when, and how you can vote. Not to worry – there are two awesome resources that can help you cast your ballot with ease, and ensure that your voice is heard in this election.

If you visited the Elections Canada website and walked away with more questions than answers, The VoteNote app will allay your concerns. Available for Android and iPhone devices, it shows you how to register to vote and tells what ID you need to cast your ballot. It also uses GPS technology to pinpoint your electoral district (often referred to as your "riding"), provides you with local candidate names and information, and lists polling station locations so that you know where to vote.

Designed by a team of students from across Canada, the VoteNote app is a non-partisan, apolitical resource that distills information from a number of government websites to give you the tools you need to vote. Its main goal is to increase to voter turnout among youth in this election, and so far the VoteNote developers have succeeded in garnering widespread media coverage for the app heading into Election Day.

Another great resource is Harpoon 2015, which aims "to get more people fired up about Canadian politics...and (Prime Minister Stephen) Harper pied in the face." While the site encourages all Canadians to get out and vote for any party or candidate they want, it has a distinctly anti-Harper bent and highlights the Conservatives' disastrous record on everything from the Senate to privacy rights to the environment.

Harpoon 2015 also lists reasons why you should vote (Number One: "You could fire Harper") and provides links to help you register to vote and decide who you want to vote for. And, if you give them your e-mail, the site will send you a reminder to vote on Election Day and tell you what you need to bring to your polling station. That way you won't forget to cast your ballot or bring the wrong ID.

By using either of these resources (or both!), you'll have no reason NOT to vote in this election. And considering only 39 percent of us showed up to cast ballots in the last election, we can definitely do a lot better this time around.



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